Saturday, July 3, 2010

Picking up from the last entry, the bike is running and passed MOT without any trouble at all. I did cheat by installing the the quietest DB eater - which I then removed right after MOT.

It took ages to get the 101 Wiseco flat top piston. The barrel was bored and honed to 101.05. I needed to make a 1,5mm alu spacer under the cylinder to match the compression height. The cylinder (3AJ), which I got "as is" with the XTZ (3YF) sleeve in place, was turned on a lathe after shrinking in the liner. Obviously, a little too much had been removed. No problem, tho.
The head (2KF) with the new valves from GS Valves fits of course. As before, I am using the beehive springs from RD.

From my "collection of cams" ranging from stock to Megacycle 266/4, I chose the 266/4 because it is a billet cam. Thus the rockerarms do not stand at such an adverse angle to the valve stems and they normally do with "reground on customer core" cams.
I milled the mating surface of the Y-manifold so that the carb doesn't hang as low as it did, leaving at least a little room between it and the plus connector of the starter.
Otherwise everything is as before or as described recently.
I actually did get the tiny LiFePo battery

I mused about. Although it is rated only at 4.6Ah, it delivers 150A start current or more. It weighs in at 650grams instead of the 2700grams of the Hawker placed next to it to get an idea of the size.
If anything, the motor (remember, no deco!) starts better than with the Hawker SBS8.
Tuesday, after it was back together, the first attempt:
-two twists of the grip for the accelerator pump to squirt some gas in;
-pulled choke;
-turned on and pressed the botton;
-WUMS! at the first turn.
In this warm weather, it starts without the choke.
So at least it does start and the battery is indeed strong enough.

The oil tank I talked about at length last time looks to be a success. Summer weather, hot (for here) with temperatures above 30ºC, stop and go and traffic lights; I measured the oil temperature immediately on return and it was 105ºC. at the top, i.e. the oil coming from the engine. dropping to about 90 at the bottom. There is no foam visible and the oil is still remarkably clear. Remember last year I never got over 80ºC. I did stupidly have an oil cooler because I listened too much to others and did not think for myself. 80ºC ist simply way too cold for modern oils. No wonder the SRX/XT clan think 30000km is a good distance for an engine!
So the new cylindrical oil tank does manage the oil better and it also contains more oil.

Now to drive in the new rings and valve stems and take it from there.

I am pretty sure the present can is not the best there is. For MOT, I had inserted the longest DB eater and the motor was unwilling even at 6000, also starting more poorly and idling roughly. With the shorter pipe, everything improved greatly yesterday.
When I have run in the rings, I can test for performance above 7000. Last year's engine would not turn above 8000. Quite posssbly the the small TM40 carb is just too small. I plan to try a TM42 but probably there will be no way around fitting a TM34-B65 on longer intake pipes. Before any of that, tho, I will probably get that SR-Racing can($$$) I wanted all along.

anything else just now?
I drove over to the farmer's cooperative in the next town where I can weigh my bikes on their scales inside, the one use for pallets and bags, not the big truck scales outside:

148kg = 326lb with half-full tank.

We're getting there...

here is a little demonstration how fast it starts when cold:

A few people who bought the TCIP4 have complained about their bike's poor starting and were wanting to blame that on the iginition, especially the last setup I did with it. I have the TCIP4 with the last setup and there can be no question about poor starting here. No choke was used, just one or two squirts with the accelerator pump and then pressing the button which I do with the left hand normally so that I can immediately respond with the twist grip. When cold, idle with the reather extreme cam is anything but good and short gas bursts are necessary usually to keep it alive for a short time at least.